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The Woodland Year

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Children's story exploring the British woodland through illustration and rhyme.

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Explore the seasonal world of a British woodland and meet the animals that live there; this is a rhyming children's story.

The poem is funny, exciting and thought-provoking whilst taking a calm pace. The quirky rhymes are beautifully complemented by playful illustrations to look into and explore. The Woodland Year is a book app for kids of all ages.

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Tamasine Theisel loves to create fun stories about nature; helping little minds explore and discover, whilst igniting their imagination and interest in the world around them. Her aspiration is to create family books that appeal to a range of age groups, enabling younger children to look into the illustrations whilst the older children listen to and read the words.

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  • Individually illustrated pages with a combination of hand drawn and digital art
  • 'Read to me' feature narrated by the author
  • 'Meet the Characters' a summary of all the animals in the story
  • 'Show/hide' text to view full illustration (designed to aid smaller devices)
  • 'Start again' feature to return to the beginning
  • No in-app purchases
  • No advertising

About the Author:

Tamasine Theisel was born in rural England. She had an idylic childhood exploring the countryside, wading through streams, getting muddy and making daisy chains. This upbringing has instilled a love for nature and a fascination with the smells and colours of the British countryside. Today Tamasine lives and works in Bath, a beautiful World Heritage City full of culture and artisan to inspire and explore. The surrounding rolling countryside continues to inspire and lure her out of town, but she aims to get a little less muddy! Along with writing poems, she loves to illustrate her books; communicating the untold story through colour and texture. She is a great believer that illustration inspires children and encourages them to learn, helping them connect all the pieces together and give them confidence to learn new things.